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Getting Connected

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Getting connected to the Internet

FREE Internet Service
You have three ways in which you can access the internet for FREE while staying in our unit.

The modem is in the second bedroom on the desk. Before you start make sure the modem is turned on. There is an on/off switch in the back at the bottom. After you turn it on, make sure that the ‘Status Link‘, ‘Status ACT‘ and ‘Wireless‘ lights are lit and not blinking. This may take a few minutes. Once the lights are steady, you are ready to start.

Computer in Second Bedroom
We have upgraded the Mac Laptop in the second bedroom. It’s still old and slow but now has the 10.3.9 OS X operating system. See opposite page for a crash course in using a Mac.

Just turn the Mac on and start up anyone of the web browsers (FireFox, Netscape, Internet Explorer) and you are automatically connected.

Connect Using ADSL cable in Second Bedroom
The modem box in the Second Bedroom has three empty slots for you to connect to. There is also an extra Ethernet cable for you to use. Just plug the blue ethernet cable into your computer, turn on your computer, start up any web browser and you are automatically connected.

Connect via WI-FI to SB205A anywhere in the unit
Use your wireless client to connect to SB205A. The first time you use our WI-FI, you will be asked for a password. Type in the password found on the modem (or in the Guest Service Directory) in all caps without any spaces. You shouldn’t have to do this again during your stay.

Getting Help—
If you need assistance connecting to the internet, you can contact Telus directly by calling 1-877-310-8324. They will ask you the following

Telephone Number 250-765-2085
Name Catherine Ohl
Address 205-5255 Big White Rd.
Big White, BC
Telus Account ID 1902


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