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Catherine Ohl is the cat at Graphic Designz. She previously worked for 25 years in the Aerospace industry as an Electrical Engineer— designing radar modes for military aircraft such as the F-14, F/A-18, and the B2. She has a BS in Mathematics, and MS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

While engineering was the right direction for her in the 70s after she graduated from Cal Poly, Chico and USC, art was always her first love. In those early years— before the MAC and GUI interface— she would take any opportunity to figure out how to use the computer to create art. Back then she would write assembly code to direct a plotter to draw— lift pen, drop pen, move pen, pause pen. She would literally have to program the plotter to stop so she could change the ink in the pen to get a another color.

In 1998, she decided it was time to follow her heart. She attended Platt College, graduated at the top of her class, and became a certified graphic artist.

We are a solid graphic house offering innovative, clean, bold designs best suited to meet your immediate marketing needs. Besides designing web sites, we have been publishing newsletters & catalogs, generating advertising collateral, and creating logos and company identities for more than ten years.

When not designing something new on her computer, Catherine enjoys snow and water skiing, biking, roller blading, wine tasting, photography, and hanging with Gene.

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